Phoenix Dock Ninja CO2
Phoenix Dock Ninja CO2
Phoenix Dock Ninja CO2

Phoenix Dock Ninja CO2

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The Phoenix Dock Ninja C02 simplifies on-the-bike tool storage with seamless design and ultra-quick access.

Why Phoenix Dock? 

When we set out to design a sophisticated, Pivot exclusive on-the-bike tool system, we weren’t thinking “cleverly hidden”, we were thinking “NASCAR pit crew”.? With Phoenix Dock on your bike, mid-ride adjustments and repairs happen in mere seconds, and tools are always strategically located when you need them. Carrying tools is necessary on every ride, but weighing down your hydration pack, or wasting time extracting hidden tools, is not.? Your Phoenix Dock tool kit can be installed on any bike with water bottle bosses, typically under or on top of the downtube. Bikes like the Switchblade have a third set of bosses under the top tube specifically designed for Phoenix Dock integration. These high quality, full-feature tools are created in collaboration with Topeak, a brand that has been making high quality, innovative cycling accessories for over 28 years. Phoenix Dock Ninja C02 offers lightning quick access to flat repair tools to keep your ride rolling or near the front of the race. 


  • Micro AirBooster and 2 threaded 16g CO2 cartridges 

  • Bolts to any standard water bottle boss frame mounts for integrated tools on almost any bike 

  • Lightweight low-profile design 

  • Solid, secure mounting 

  • Created in collaboration with Topeak 


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